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Friday, October 28, 2011

Exciting new approach to health with nitric oxide

There’s been a lot of excitement recently about nitric oxide, especially since Dr. Gifford—Jones’ article a couple of weeks ago. A powerful antioxidant, nitric oxide helps to widen blood vessels and lower blood pressure, helps prevent formation of arterial plaque, protects stomach from ulcers,  and inhibits growth of bacteria associated with cystic fibrosis and urinary tract infections.  It’s beneficial for upper respiratory chest infections, improves sports endurance, helps reduce stress….the list goes on!  The highly respected supplement company AOR has designed a number of supplements targeted towards various health issues using the nitric oxide technology.  Gaudaur’s is proud to be one of the first stores in a limited market rollout to carry their product line.  Drop by the store, take a look at the literature and see if one of the new NOx products would be suitable for you!