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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


There are a few things that are synonymous with summers in cottage country.  We have Muskoka chairs, white pines, early morning fishing, dinners on the dock, sunsets on the lake...and a hoard of insects that can make all of these things less enjoyable.  Luckily, we've discovered that one of our neighbours here on ol' planet Earth knows bugs like we do, and they have found a non-toxic solution that is safe for kids and the environment.  Best of all, it WORKS!  

EcoKid Bug-a-Bug was developed in Australia using certified organic Amazonian botanicals.  It is hypo-allergenic and free of artificial fragrances and colours.  It's also produced using 100% green energy and is not tested on animals.

Our own wonderful customers have tested it all over Ontario, and even in Afghanistan, and have sung its praises.  So whether you're battling mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies or something even more exotic, one thing's for sure: bugs hate this stuff.

For more info please visit the EcoKid website

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Although it's no secret that we have lost the use of the municipal parking lot across the street, it does appear that the new parking spots on Andrew Street are a secret.  Directly across from the store we have three, brand new, metered parking spaces.  So it's just as easy as ever before to make a quick dash into the store to pick up organic household staples or unique gourmet ingredients. 

And don't forget that for purchases of $20 or more, we pay the parking!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today is the 1st of May and that means that sandal season is just around the corner. Need a new pair of Birkenstocks? Have a look at the Birkenstock website to see all available styles and then let us know what you'd like. We're the lowest price in town, and we place orders you never have to wait long to show off that new pair of kicks.

We're also very happy to carry Rainbow Sandals. These sandals are extremely well made in sunny San Clemente, California and last incredibly long. After 5 years I'm still on my first pair! We are fully stocked with both the leather and hemp styles and carry all sizes. We love Rainbow Sandals!